Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today I am thankful... #4

Hot baths. I know that may seem kind of stupid but I have fibromyalgia and suffer from almost constant pain, especially when the weather gets cold. I couldn't survive without my nightly hot baths which offer me some relief. So since today is cold and I've already taken two hot baths for pain I'm grateful for my bathtub and my hot water. I also mindful that these are luxuries that many do not have. Oddly enough this gratefulness for baths reminded me of my trip to Zimbabwe in 2005.

I spent two weeks building a foundation to a house, working on a farm, and spending time at an orphanage in Zimbabwe at Africa University. The university did have showers but the water often didn't work at all. So much of my time was spent really dirty. One day I worked on a farm helping to spread chicken manure on onions. I desperately wanted/needed a shower since I was literally covered in manure from chickens (which is way worse in my opinion than cow manure). Much to my dismay the water didn't work that evening and I did the best I could washing with what was left in my water bottle.

After our two weeks at Africa University we took a few days of holiday to Victoria Falls and stayed in a 5 star resort. A place where basically no resident of Zimbabwe could actually afford to stay. It felt incredibly wrong to enjoy such luxuries after spending time with orphans who didn't even have the basic necessities.

At the 5 star resort was a huge bathtub and hot hot water. Something I had been without for two weeks. The bathtub for me in that moment represented so much to privilege. By virtue of the fact that I was born in the United States to middle class parents I knew the joy of hot baths, while there are millions in our own country and around the world who lack even the most basic of needs.

Zimbabwe taught me that being grateful for hot baths is no small thing.

Eli & Emerson love to play in the bathtub in our master bathroom while I get ready for work. It works out well. I can do my hair, brush my teeth etc. And they're content to just hang out. 


Carlita said...

Not stupid at all! I honestly think it would be valuable for all americans to spend some time in the developing world. We tend to take so many things for granted.

~Jess said...

I love your tub!

I think being thankful for hot tubs (or running water for that matter, even if cold) is a blessing....and not at all silly.

I have to agree chicken manure is worse than cow...believe me I know...I hate, HATE mucking out the hen house...and it really needs it right now too.