Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm cheating on this one...

This whole thankful project has been incredibly difficult. Everyday I could post a multitude of things that I'm currently frustrated with. You know things like our health care situation. We still can't find a doctor that isn't a whack job to see the babies. How is this legal? I don't understand I'm so angry and frustrated by that whole situation.

And then there are a lot of little frustrations with my job. I love it, but I'm constantly being asked to do things outside of my job description. Which is great because they believe I am capable of doing so, but I also feel like I'm being taken advantage of a little bit. I work a lot for very little compensation. It's a double edge sword because I can't very well say no to the things requested of me, since they're things I will eventually be doing anyways (God willing), but at the same time I need some balance. This last week has been incredibly busy with new responsibilities and meetings tacked on each day and no help.

Then there's the fact that Marcus still hasn't been able to find work. Again a double edge sword. I love that he can be with the babies but we could also use some more income.

Which speaking of more income I was suppose to start tutoring a month ago but I'm still waiting for clearance. I have no idea what the hold up is. I called yesterday they were zero help.

Then I got some really crappy news about the future prospect of my career path. I can't really be more specific but I'm so angry and upset. (Really just trying not to cry or scream or something).

So all this to say that I'm thankful I'm doing the thankfulness project so I don't get consumed with all the things that are frustrating me (see I told you I was cheating. A vent post with a little blip of thankfulness).


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