Thursday, November 4, 2010

Funny stuff...

After father's day was over this year I found a shirt that said, "Worlds greatest dad" on it. Since it only cost $1 I thought it would be a hysterical 'fun' present for Marcus and brought it home to him. He laughed and gave me a look like, "you don't really want me to wear this do you?" Since June it's been a shirt that he wears around the house occasionally, but he never leaves the house with it on. It's just not his style (which I'm grateful for).

Today after I came home from work he left to go get some diapers since we were down to one (and we only have one car). So without thinking he got in the car and left.

About 10 minutes after he left he sends me a text, "How embarrassing I'm wearing my worlds greatest dad t-shirt."

A few minutes after that another text: "And now someone just said Congrats on being the worlds greatest dad."

hahahahah I laughed hysterically. The first time he actually wears the shirt in public someone comments on it. Awesome and it just confirmed his worst fears about the shirt.

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~Jess said...

Hahaha! Too funny! I made one for MAtt that says World's Awesomest Dad.