Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today/Yesterday I am grateful for... my Aunt and Uncle day #10

I'm a day off because I felt awful yesterday (but that's a different post). So... today/yesterday I give thanks for my aunt and uncle. I don't know sometimes how I would survive things without them. My aunt has always been incredibly supportive when I needed her, and she's also pretty honest with me when I need a reality check on things. She listens, gives advice, and I have a really good time with her. I appreciate her more than I could ever really express, particularly these last few years.

I'm also thankful for my uncle. I can still remember the day when my mom told me they were going to get married (I was in the first grade at the time). I was so excited to officially have him as my uncle. I appreciate his sense of humor and his support as well.

I am very grateful and blessed for their role in my life. Plus, their always up to play games (and taught me pinochle) which I also appreciate and enjoy.

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Debbie said...

They are great people!