Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today I'm thankful for Music ...#2

I love to sing. I'm not the best singer and I'm not the worst singer, I don't sing in public solo, but I really love to sing. And my days with the babies are often filled with songs. Songs I make up, for example I have a song I sing when I dress them:

"Put your feet in your pants and do the happy dance, do the happy dance." repeat (with some happy dancing and wiggling of their feet)
"Put your arms in the sleeves and wiggle for me please" repeat (with some wiggling of the baby's arms)

Obviously I'm a lyrical genius :~) but the babies seem to like it.

I also just sing whatever song happens to be stuck in my head. Because of the nature of the service and sermon I've been working on the songs have been hymns, "Pass me not o gentle savior" and "We'll understand it better by and by"(And don't tell Marcus but I might have also starting singing christmas music, he already has it on at work so he's not a fan of hearing it at home already).

Or Mandy Moore or Michael Jackson (which makes Eli laugh) and country music of all kinds. I'm glad the babies are not yet old enough to protest.

I would also like to add that Marcus creates many of his own songs for the babies, oddly enough they almost all have to do with pickles. Neither of us is really sure where that theme came from.

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Christi said...

I am stealing your lyrical stylings..I love the getting dressed song!