Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today I am thankful for online communities and friends...#8

There are many in my life who do not understand the appeal of on-line communities, but for me in the past 3 or 4 years the friendships and bonds I have formed with women, whom I have never met has been amazing.

Immediately after out IF diagnosis I sought support from an on-line community of women also going through IF, and through that board we were given a TTTC-sister. Jess  and I were matched up and we began communicating through email as we both began to wade through the IF process. All of it. The grief, disappointment, the struggles and emotions surrounding other peoples pregnancy announcements etc. Of course we have also had cause to celebrate. Jess was the very first person in the entire world to know I was pregnant (even before Marcus), and I happy to say that she just a few weeks ago gave birth to her little miracle daughter Avelyn. I can say without a doubt that Jess is my friend, one of my best friends, despite the fact that we have never met. There's an understanding and a bond that we have as we navigated the murky waters of IF, and my hope is that we will stay in touch forever. I think of what a great gift it will be for Eli, Emerson and Avelyn one day to meet and talk and have someone else with a similar story.  

I also have found support in on-line communities for parenting preemies and also parenting multiples which comes with it's own unique challenges. The shared knowledge and friendships on those boards have been amazing.  I am grateful for the technology that allows for the sharing of stories and the support of one another across and around the globe.

I also really love blogging which is a community onto itself. I don't have a huge readership, but I do appreciate the advice and support that I find here as well.

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Aw I'm crying *hugs* :-)