Friday, November 13, 2009

Today I'm thankful for hand sanitizer ...#3

Yes, I realize this is a completely absurd thing to be thankful for, but I love the stuff. I've always been a big fan of it, but while the babies were in the NICU it became second nature to us to scrub in right as we walked into the NICU, with soap and water, and then use hand sanitizer any time we touched anything, or switched babies.

We continue this ritual at home with constant hand washing and hand sanitizing and have bottles everywhere. I'm especially grateful for it now that it's cold and flu season and I attend a University where people like to cough and sneeze all over everything. (Which just grosses me out to no end).

It's the simple things in life I suppose, but my hand washing and sanitizing efforts have paid off and I haven't been sick since January.

Plus I have one of these...

In my home which us just an added presence for the babies' care providers to wash and sanitize often.

Random I know. I promise I do have deeper and more in depth things that I'm thankful for and I'll get to those, but I really do love the stuff. Especially since caring for my little preemie babies (who also have remained healthy). Plus, I've had kind of a weird, emotionally exhausting day and it was easier to just write about a simple matter.

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Christi said...

Quite to the contrary, on the surface this may be trivial and simple, but maybe because I know how important hand sanitizer is to the health of your and my babies, this is actually deeper than you give it credit for. I too am thankful for hand sanitizer!