Monday, November 9, 2009

6 month doctor appointment

Both babies are thriving and doing well. Developmentally they're around 4 months which is to be expected because that's their adjusted age, but they are both healthy, big and doing well. The doctors and nurses always praise the ease in which Marcus and I seem to have with the babies (it's an illusion). Well, that and the babies are usually well behaved when other people are around.

And my little preemie babies are getting so big, and continue to grow right on the growth curve.

Weight: 16 lbs 25%
Height: 25.5 in. 10%
Head: 44.5 cm. 75% (the boy continues to have a large head)

Weight: 14lbs 5oz 25%
Height: 24 in. 3%
Head: 40.5 cm 3% (and she continues to have a tiny little head).

They both needed about a million shots today between their regular 6 month shots, synagis, and both flu vaccines and neither I or the doctor were comfortable giving them all at once.

So they each got three shots. The DTaP, regular flu, and H1N1. They'll go back next week for the remainder of the 6 month vaccines and the synagis, plus the oral rotovirus. Poor babies.

Emerson screamed and screamed today it was heartbreaking. Eli on the other hand smiled through the first one, whimpered on the second, and then finally cried a bit for the third.

We're not going to start solids yet because there's really no rush and in my opinion they're not ready, especially Emerson with her still lacking head control and our Pedi. bascially affirmed this decision. It was a good visit, and we'll go again next week for more shots. Poor babies I hate that they have to get so many.

We also asked about Eli's continual non-stop spitting up. Hours after he's eaten, everyday all day long. She said as long as it's not affecting growth or causing discomfort he should grow out of it and it's common with premature babies. I don't know about that something still strikes me as not right, but I guess we'll just hope that he'll outgrow it soon.

Waiting for the doctor
(Marcus thought I was insane for bringing the camera, it's a good way to pass time).


~Jess said...

I'm glad they're doing well! Hard to believe they're already 6 months!

Christi said...

So glad to hear all is going so well. I meant to say...I am only going by pics here, but I think that Emerson looks like you and Eli looks like Marcus. How lucky you guys are to have one for each! They are adorable regardless who they look like!