Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today I'm thankful for my in-laws ...#5

All of them, my mother in law, my father in law, and my brothers in laws the aunts, uncles and grandparents too. I'm very lucky to have a good relationship with all of Marcus' family. His brothers are like my brothers (and they without a doubt treat me like their little sister and pick on a lot of the times) but  I also know that if I ever needed anything they would do anything to help, and they're a lot of fun most of the time.

I'm also close to my MIL. We have a lot of common interests appreciate that she takes an interest in our school and our lives She was also very supportive during all of our IF stuff and is someone who can get along with just about anyone which is a skill I appreciate. Plus I really love her cooking. I'm an incredibly picky eater and she is always thoughtful about the meals she makes and they're always so good too. Especially the homemade soups and the twice baked potatoes.

I really enjoy spending time with my IL's and the babies are so very luck to have them for grandparents. I'm looking forward to Christmas so they can meet their Granddad and their uncles for the first time (Marcus' mom came out her in July).

I also really admire how close Marcus is with his parents and his brothers. They all communicate with each other so regularly and often. I am blessed to be a part of their family, and I am thankful everyday for my in-laws.

Christmas last year. (Marcus other brother and his wife are missing plus as a random side note I was 13w pregnant in this picture).

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Debbie said...

OMG! I was just glancing thru stuff before going to bed. and there was THIS. And I got tears in my eyes.
We are thankful for you too!! I've never had a daughter, so you are it. (like it or not...LOL ). Seriously tho... you know how I feel about you, and it's too long to write in a comment section.
I lucked out too....with you.

I'm repeatng myself.... ha ha ha.
But my son and my grandchildren are the luckiest, to have you as a wife and a mother.

We can't wait for Christmas too. (and I'll be making some 2x baked potatoes!)