Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 months old!

How did that happen? I can't believe they're already 1/2 a year old it's so crazy to me, especially I think because they should only be 4 months old.  I still definitely have my moments when taking care of twins is just so overwhelming and complicated, but we have survived 6 months and that in itself is an achievement.

Eli at six months:

* Tri-pod sit for a few seconds (all the while grunting and breathing hard from the effort, it's a lot of work for him).
* Pick up toys
* Lays on his back and uses his legs to move in circles (it's hilarious)
* Smiles as big as his mouth can open, and laughs but those are rare and hard to get out.
* Spits up all the time still. Hours after he's done eating. (We're going to address this with the doc. again).
* Sleeps 8-10 hours most nights (not always but pretty often)
* Twists the bottom half of his body in an attempt to roll from back to tummy, but he can't quite get all the way over.
* Find us across the room
* Uses his voice (but he's much quieter than his sister)
* Drools all over the place he's a slimy baby
* Eats 5oz at a time every 3 hours during the day
* Sucks his thumb/chews on his thumbs

Emerson at 6 months
* Laughs all the time especially for her dad
* Loves to look at herself in the mirror
* Pick up things (but prefers quieter rattles, the loud ones startle her)
* Sleeps 10 hours most nights
* Eats 5oz at a time every 3 hours during the day
* Screeches for no reason
* Loves fabric of all kinds, especially to suck and chew on
* Drools all over the place, she's also a slimy baby

I don't really have a lot more to say. But we have survived the first 6 months with twins, that in itself is something to celebrate.

They were both very interested in the paper. It was hard to get them to look up at me.

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Christi said...

They are soooo big. Unbelievable to me too, since I have been seeing them grow since I stumbled on your blog while I was on bedrest!