Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today i am thankful for my Eli...#14

My baby A
My first born (by a minute but still...)
We Call him Mr Eli (not sure why)
Such a cute smiley boy, who smiles as wide as his mouth will open.
Loves his changing table (who knows why).
Loves to look at and examine things.
Does circles in his sleep.
Screams when he's hungry (he has no patience, when the boy is hungry he wants to eat)...
But then he eats really slowly as though he's savoring every little bit.
Spits up all the time.
Is incredibly ticklish, a slight brush on his torso sends him into giggles
Loves to suck on his thumbs, and often tries to suck on his thumb and eat his bottle at the same time

I love being a mom to my little boy.


Marcus said...

And you are a great mother!!!

Christi said...

awww...tearing up, since I can sooo relate. Marcus' commment sealed the deal. I am thankful for Eli too. :)