Wednesday, November 25, 2009

haha babies are fun...

Today we left the house early to do some errands before the masses came out. Both babies were fed and happy and we were set. During our shopping trip Eli needed a diaper change so Marcus took the stroller and off they went.

When they returned Marcus was shaking his head, and merely commented, "Eli needs a bath." As he pointed to a smiling, content Eli wearing a pink and yellow outfit that said, "I'm so pretty." Not what he left the house in.

Apparently Mr. Eli had a massive blow out. All over everything, Marcus used every wipe in the diaper bag and then had to resort to using wet paper towels, and then he managed to get Eli's spare change of clothes in the mess too so Eli ended up in Emerson's spare outfit, and he looked lovely.

Haha. I'm glad it was Marcus and not me who opted for that diaper change.

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