Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today I am thankful for my little Emerson...#15

My second born, Baby B
What a silly, crazy, baby she is.
She was always crazy. In utero she never stayed in one spot, and the nurses could never find her on the monitor.
The nurses in the NICU also always commented about her personality, full of spunk even at just 3lbs. She was always ripping out her NG tube, trying to pull off her CPAP. When she was just two days old her little hand got stuck on the tape from her CPAP, she was trying to pull it off and got caught poor baby.
Such a tiny little peanut (this is what we call her).
She laughs all the time.
She laughs when she looks at Eli, she laughs when we talk to her, she laughs when she sees herself in the mirror, she even laughs when we do her physical therapy stretches.
Such a cuddly baby who loves to bury her head in our shoulders.
A wonderful sleeper. We lay her down and she goes right to sleep.
Loves to hold and suck on fabric.
Such a sweet, wonderful little girl.

I am truly blessed with my crazy little peanut girl.

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Christi said...

What a beauty...I am thankful for Emerson too.