Saturday, April 30, 2011

March for Babies 2011...

We made it to the March of Dimes Walk this morning (after our late night t-shirt adventures) and for once we actually had nice weather for the walk. The last two walks it rained. (Of course we're in a whole new state). Speaking of which I found it interesting that there weren't very many family teams at this walk. In CT there was tons and a lot of multiples. Here not so much, in fact Eli & Emerson seemed to be a novelty and usually at preemie events twins aren't. We had a good time and the babies pretty much walked/ran the entire 2 miles. 

The back of their shirts with our team name (I was trying to get them to look at me). 

You can kind of see the front of their shirts here

See the stroller, they sat in it for about 2 minutes total the entire time. 

Our family team (minus my mother in law who drove up to join us in the walk)

Eli & Emerson

A quick snack before the start of the race

Marcus and Eli on the walk

My mother in law pushing the stroller

Eli & Emerson walking/running for the cause

They got distracted easily and often veered off track. To many exciting things to check out

Me & my 32 week miracles. 

Our family after the walk

Gram with Eli & Emmy

Notice the sleeve of my shirt. Marcus and I both had a small infertility awareness week symbol on our shirts. It seemed fitting. We saw a few other people with the IF ribbon too. 

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