Wednesday, April 20, 2011

They were so good today...

for whatever reason Eli & Emerson were just delightful today. Marcus had a dentist appointment this morning at 8:30 and I had a meeting at 10. Since we only had one car I decided just to be safe I better go into work before Marcus' appointment and I took the babies with me.

For the most part they played really well in my office and I actually got some work accomplished. The bad part was Marcus was having two teeth extracted and it ended up being far more complicated than any of us anticipated. So by the time my meeting rolled around at 10 Marcus still wasn't done. So I bravely decided they would just attend the meeting with me. Once again (For the most part) they did really well. They ate some snacks, asked for their "dada" by pointing to the door. The ran around but it was a controlled running around (well as controlled as two almost two year olds can be).

Marcus showed up a little after 11 looking awful. His mouth full of gauze and blood. Not good. He took the babies home and luckily they ate lunch and pretty much went down for a nap. I finished yet another meeting at work and then came home around 3:30. Marcus still looked awful he ran out of gauze and there was blood all over the bathroom.

Since Marcus clearly was in no condition to watch the kids I decided to take them to the store with me to fill Marcus' prescriptions. It took an hour and half to fill and that entire time we just roamed around the store. I think we covered every area several times and they were so good the entire time.

Then even at home they played and laughed with each other. It was a nice switch from recent days.

Marcus is feeling a little bit better after some pain meds, and we have the kindest most caring dentist ever. He called us three times (after work hours) to check on Marcus to make sure he was doing okay and the bleeding and pain was managed. He even gave us his home and cell phone numbers and told us to call if we had any concerns and he would see us. He's just a really good kind person.

An exhausting day (taking children to meetings is stressful) but they were just fun.

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