Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011...

We had a nice and simple easter. Eli & Emerson woke up and were a little perplexed by the baskets. 
At first he refused to touch anything in his.

He does love a good hat though. 

Notice Emmy's basket is empty while his is still full. 

Emmy & Eli at church. This was pretty much the best picture I got of the two of them all day. They are impossible. They looked so cute but wouldn't hold still for a picture. 

The family easter picture. 

Emmy & Me. She's attached to my hip in a bad way. It makes sunday mornings very interesting when I'm working and she's following me around begging to be picked up. 

Then a couple from my church hosted an Easter egg hunt. They were both distracted by the horses in this picture. 

Emmy was finding an egg. Although similar to my last easter egg hunt experience we had another crazy adult "stealing" all the eggs. This adult woman didn't have any kids but was running around grabbing all the plastic eggs (the ones with candy and toys inside) and stuffing them in her shirt. Then she was pointing out the leftover hard boiled eggs for Eli & Emerson to grab. I have no idea who she was or why she was there but I really wanted to say something to her. Who does that? Who steals eggs from a bunch of kids? Later I saw her opening all of her plastic eggs and commenting on the things inside. 

Eli once again was a very determined egg hunter. 

Trying to get a picture but to no avail. Looking out the window is more fun than looking at their mom. 

Almost got a picture of the two of them but they wouldn't look.

Emmy being silly.

My in-laws drove up for the day and I'm a little embarrassed that I don't have any pictures of them with the babies. Opps they left around 3 to head home and we all took a nap. 

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Debbie said...

I understand your mother in law is too fat to be in any pictures right now. :~)

(just in cas anyone's wondering...I am the mother in law. )

So, all is good.