Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's hard to teach a class...

when all of a sudden it turns very personal. As I mentioned several times I'm teaching a 6 week series class at my church. It's on the social principles of my tradition which basically includes our statements on every controversial issue out there. Abortion, suicide, marriage, divorce, marriage, sexuality, health care etc etc etc.

Tonight we were discussing scientific technology and more specifically our statement on leftover embryos and reproductive technology.  One of the ladies in the class then asked what our statement was on donor sperm which kind of came from left field. (I couldn't find a statement but I didn't have time to look very throughly).

She then started going on about how it was wrong to bring a child into the world using donor sperm and her rant included a lot of things she didn't really know about.

I offered the educated information I know about donor sperm, I dispelled some of the myths, but mostly I just wanted to give Marcus a hug, and ask them if they thought my children shouldn't be here. I always wonder what their reactions might be if they realized the "hypothetical" they're speaking against directly impacts the people sitting right in front of them.

It was hard for me to not ask that question, but of course I couldn't for many reasons. It's just hard to sit there and let someone cause you to start questioning the decision you made. A decision that wasn't made lightly. On the way home I had a conversation with the babies about how much we loved them and that we really did the best we could.

I especially felt awful for Marcus. Dang people


~Jess said...

Ughh! How hard! I still sometimes wonder if we did the right thing, by using donor sperm, but honestly I love my little girl! We talk about it with her too.

sadie607 said...

It's hard isn't it Jess? blah I Know we did the right thing. Eli & Emerson are the most amazing precious gifts we could have asked for and I truly believe that Marcus was called to be a dad. I just hate people who start spouting things off without realizing that behind their opinions sit people who are faced with these very real decisions. It's easy to sit in a chair and say things when it's never been their reality.