Monday, April 18, 2011

I try not to worry...

but I'm a mom and it's what I do. Tonight we went out to dinner with one of Marcus' best friends from high school. He brought his daughter who is one month younger than Eli & Emerson. Now I really do know better than to compare but consistently when Eli & Emerson are around other kids their age their delays are so much more apparent.

The other little girl could count to 20, knows the alphabet (give or take a few letters) can distinguish all her colors. She can string words together, and as an added bonus she didn't behave like a terror. She sat at the table and ate her food and a lot of it.

I just worry. Yes Eli & Emerson are making progress but they're still not where they should be. I never wrote about this but a couple of months ago they were seen by a developmental pediatrician through their Early intervention services. The doctor wrote the following in her report, "I explained to the parents that up to 60% of children with early speech delays can go onto have reading comprehension issues which typically present in the third grade... the family should be extra vigilant for this possibility."

This was incredibly upsetting to me. I tutor high risk kids who can't read, or comprehend what they're reading. I see how much they dislike school and school work because it doesn't make sense. I don't want that for Eli & Emerson. I want them to love learning and love school. I want them to love books and reading mostly I just want them to be okay and for things not to be difficult for them.

I am so incredibly grateful that overall we have healthy babies and know that there are many who aren't so lucky. But that doesn't stop me from wondering and worrying.


Debbie said...

I know that nothing will stop you from worrying, but Sadie, there is also the other side where parents think their kids are soooo smart because they know soooo much when they are 2, and you know what happens? In school, they aren't that smart. After a few months the other kids catch up with them and they are average.

I know that wont' stop you from worrying, I just had to say something. And "it will be okay" does not help, I know....
just keep reading, reading reading. They love books.

Have a good cry and get the worry out for a while. (if that will help you feel better)

You guys do your best and you love and take care of and do right by your children.

~Jess said...

Ditto to Debbie....I honestly thought the little girl you described was an overachiever....I don't know too many 2 year olds that can count to 20 and sing the alphabet.

*hugs* to you guys....Debbie said it, all of it, best.

Becks said...

Me too!

James is (IMHO as his mom) a pretty smart little only just 2 year old, and he barely talks at ALL. There is a lot of grunting and pointing. I would say he has about 20 words tops!

kvaughn said...

Sadie its okay! Of course you are going to worry, every parent will. But every child will have some issues. Your babies are so loved by their parents (and aunties!) and this will show! I have seen children go from barely talking and being way behind to close to caught up in just a couple years. Yes, this will always be something that is a part of Emmy, but with all the love and involvement you two give her, there is no way she won't turn out to be a beautiful intelligent woman! The first 3 years are very important for the rest of their lives so just keep her involved and expose her to as many things as possible and she will flourish :)
Love you guys!

(oh, and if it is just a little comfort.. I was born with a severe speech delay called developmental apraxia and when I was in kindergarten my mother was told by the school principle that I would never be able to keep up and probably would barely be able to read... and I mean I ended up graduating 2 yrs early from high school. It took a lot of work and speech therapy and time and effort but it's all about heart! Which you all have LOTS of!
Keep your chin up! I am here for anything you need :)