Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having two year olds is dangerous...

It's possible that my toes are broken and it's in large part to my delightful little (almost) two year old Emerson. Eli & Emerson love to go up the stairs because they know they're not suppose to and at this point they can just move the baby gate out of the way. I went up and hauled Eli back down and then went back up for Emerson.

When I picked her up she starting screaming and kicking and jerking all over. As I attempted to step over the gate (while trying to keep ahold of her) I lost my footing twisting my ankle, bent my toes, and fell on top of the gate, which landed on top of Eli.

Emerson was crying because she was scared, Eli was crying because he was trapped underneath a gate and I was screaming in pain because I was straddling a gate with a toddler on my lap and an ankle and toes that wouldn't bear weight. It was awesome. I kept waiting for the neighbors to look over and see the three of us in a heap on the stairs in various degrees of distress. 

It took some effort but I was finally able to free Eli from the gate and then once he was quiet Emmy was too and they were both fine. I on the other hand was not. I couldn't move or put weight on my ankle and I think I scared Eli & Emerson into silence. They both just sat on either side of me staring and not making any noise. Eli would occasionally pat my leg, but they were both silent.

It was such an awesome moment in my life and now I'm limping around with two sprained or broken toes. 


Debbie said...


Can you move them yet?

~Jess said...

owwww! I'm sorry....I'm actually smiling, because it sounds exactly like things I've done (remember when I fell on the baby gate and broke it....or through the floor lol).

Have you been icing your foot? I hope you feel better soon.