Friday, April 29, 2011

You'd think I would learn...

but I don't. Me and my procrastinating ways always get the better of me, and each time I vow to do different, and then I just don't. At least this time in the realm of life I just procrastinated on my March of Dimes t-shirts for our walk tomorrow.

I thought Marcus ordered the t-shirts weeks ago. He didn't, so tonight I'm attempting to make shirts for our family team and nothing is going right.

1.) First, finding t-shirts. It's impossible to even find basic white shirts for our family. We ended up buying Eli a girls small t-shirt. We put it on and it was huge and he looked kind of like we found a shirt on the street and decided okay good enough. So that shirt had to go back to the store. Then the shirt I bought had 2 holes in it so that had to go back too.

2.) We don't have ink at our house so I had to go to work at 8 at night.

3.) Our 6 parking spaces are taken so I have to park a block away in the parking garage

4.) I lose my parking ticket (which is a $12 fine) I don't have $12 on me.

5.) Turns out my printer in my office doesn't do mirror image so back home I go

6.) Luckily on the way back to my car I found my missing parking ticket.

7.) Marcus runs to the store for ink for our printer

8.) now it's 9:25pm and I'm pretty confident I'm going to make the least attractive shirts in the universe because I'm tired.


I'm making a vow I will not procrastinate any more...

Well I'm going to try not to...


It's now 9:38 and we were having issues with our printer. Turns out upon some inspection there are Q-tips inside our printer. I wonder who could be responsible for that? Maybe somebody with names that start with the letter E?

*** UPDATE #2***
It's now 10:38 and we now own a chair cushion that looks like this...

yeah... we're brilliant. We don't own a ironing board so Marcus had the idea to use the cushion in between the shirt. "Do you smell something burning? I think I smell something burning?" All the while ironing away only to discover that cushions do not make a good ironing board. Oops...

I'm seriously about to pull out that puff paint and sequins and go old school on this... 

It's 11:44 pm and the shirts are done for better or for worse. Now our next obstacle printing out our donation forms. I need some organization in my life this is madness.


~Jess said...

Oh my....I did that with a stocking once...a cheapy from Wlmrt for the dogs...and I melted was made of plastic.

I'm sure they came out great :-)

kvaughn said...

oh my this is so funny! I'm glad it worked out!