Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hope Fulfilled...

Since it's National Infertility Week I've been thinking about our journey through infertility. I've also been re-reading through my old infertility blog and I was reminded of what the urologist who gave us our final diagnosis of azoospermia. He said to us with a voice full of compassion....

“You both will have a family, you will be parents, and you’ll have kids that you love, and drive you nuts just like everyone else’s.” 

 I loved him for saying that. In a moment filled with pain, sadness, loss and grief, this kind man reminded us about hope. He reminded us that having a family was still attainable and now three years later his statement couldn't be more true. (Especially as we enter into the stage of two 2 year olds).

For me seeing these two easter baskets overwhelmed my heart with joy. 
A visible sign in the quiet of the night that we had our family,
A visible sign of the two babies that we love (and that sometimes drive us nuts),
 A visible sign of our hope fulfilled.