Thursday, April 14, 2011

My babies are 23 months...

well they were a week ago but I was on a retreat (shocking I know). They are such silly little monsters. They crack my up but they are without a doubt testing the limits lately. Emerson learned the word "no" and Marcus said that was her favorite thing to say today during their EI appointment.

"Emerson do you want to do a puzzle?"


"Emerson can you go get a ball?"


"Do you want to read a book?"


Then Eli took something she wanted and that was met with, "No no no no no."

So that's super fun.

Eli on the other hand likes to play jokes. Which I find kind of amusing but it's also so naughty. He steals things from everyone and then hides them, and laughs hysterically. His throwing has gotten worse over the last several days, he also hits and pushes Emerson for no reasons.

 However, my sweet, crazy boy has learned to say thank. So even in the midst of throwing a tantrum, if I give him something through his tears he'll say, "tan tu."

He also gives the sweetest kisses. Before when he gave us a kiss it was a big lick across the face, but today he was giving tiny kisses on the lips (he insisted they be on the lips) and then making the kissing sound. So adorable and yet so mischievous.

Then today we looked over and discovered this...

He climbed all the way up on the ledge of the window. (Marcus ran outside to get a picture before we removed him from the situation) and you can see Emerson thinking, "Hey what a great idea." Luckily for us she's not such a great climber.

Crazy kids. 

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~Jess said...

Oh my goodness! Those two are a handful :-P

They're getting so big...hard to believe next month they'll be 2!