Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mean while back at the ranch..

My best friend from high school and her husband live on a ranch a few miles outside of our hometown. Today we drove out there to visit and Eli and Emerson had a great time running all over the place with their friend Adel. (Who is two months younger, they were due a week apart from one another dang prematurity).

Eli meeting the horse

Emmy, Eli, & Adel on some hay

Emmy & Adel had a great time playing with each other and Adel really wanted to hold her hand. She kept saying, "Emmy hand" So incredibly adorable. They both tried to hold Eli's hand too but he wanted nothing to do with that slow walking pace. 

I can't get over the cuteness. 

Adel was showing Eli & Emmy the "baby cow" and the "poop". (Adel is a great talker) 

Mama & Baby Cow this mama cow is isolated because she wouldn't let her baby nurse. I think she probably has a bought of PPD. They seem to be doing much better since the baby was nursing while we were there. 

It's really fun for me to see my kids playing with Adel, the daughter of my BFF from high school. We've all grown up. 

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