Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt...

despite the rainy weather we decided to head out and let the babies try their first easter egg hunt. Before I get to that (and pictures) a few things I observed:

1.) Apparently when you're child turns two you're suppose to be pregnant again. Oh my goodness it seemed like every woman there with a child in the 2 year old hunt was pregnant.

2.) Parents are ridiculous. They seemed to think that they should grab every egg in sight, throw it in their kids basket and then cheer, "good job honey look how many you got." Never mind the children milling about with less aggressive parents who had 2.

3.) Every time Emmy bent down to pick up an egg some adult swooped in and grabbed it first. WTH?

4.) The sign said 2 & under if your children is say, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years old they should probably go to the appropriately marked area instead of taking a bunch of eggs from toddlers.

In summary lots of pregnant ladies, and people are insanely aggressive. That said Emerson and Especially Eli had a great time.

At first they were a little confused but once they saw they could pick up an egg (or a ball as Eli calls them) and put it in their basket they were off. Eli was running everywhere as fast as he could saying, "ball, ball, ball, ball" over and over.

He was hysterically aggressive and attentive about the whole thing. Marcus was chasing after him the entire time so he didn't lose him.

Emmy had a more reserved approach to the hunt. She stayed close to me. When bend down pick up an egg, look up and panic and say, "mommy, mommy" there were so many people she kept losing track of me poor girl. But she two seemed delighted with the 4 eggs she managed to grab. (I would like to add that Marcus and I didn't touch an egg we let them do it all on their own).

Marcus & Eli before the hunt

Me & Emmy. She was impossible to get a picture of. 
She thought it was hilarious to turn her head away from the camera. 

Eli with his successful Egg gathering

A few more. A kind woman added a few more to his basket

Emmy looking a little overwhelmed by everything

Easter bunny. Emmy was not impressed so I had to be in the picture too. 
This easter bunny was free. To get a picture with the one at the mall is $30 which is nuts. 


Looking at some ducks.

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~Jess said...

Yikes doesn't sound like too much fun, between the bellies and the egg thieves!

The kids are too cute with their baskets. Ave was calling them balls today too! Glad you all survived!