Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two things from today...

1.) Both of my children are afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Today Eli was in the swing napping and Emerson and I had some lunch together, and she made a huge mess all over the floor. So I put her down on the floor to play and brought out the vacuum. As soon as I turned it on she started screaming hysterically and she was literally shaking. It actually really freaked me out because I had never seen her scream/shake like that before.

I turned the vacuum off and picked her up, and she calmed down all the while shooting the vacuum weary looks. I decided to try and introduce her to the vacuum while it was off, trying to let her touch it and see that it wasn't scary, but she just clung to me, buried her head into my shoulder, and would occasionally glance at the vacuum and yell at it.

(Eli had a similar reaction the other day when Marcus was vacuuming and Emerson was in the swing). This is such a random unexpected thing to scare them. Aren't babies suppose to like the "white noise" of a vacuum? Poor baby she was so so scared.

2.) Marcus left this evening to go pick up the pizza we ordered for dinner. He was wearing his university sweats and a striped polo shirt (because he hadn't changed his shirt from work/school only his pants). A few seconds after he left he came back in, looked at me, and asked, "Why didn't you tell me I looked ridiculous?"  Haha...

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