Monday, April 5, 2010

It's weird...

I'm taking a class called Body & Soul where we discuss all things related to sexuality, gender, etc. This includes infertility. My group decided that for our group project we are going to plan a worship service that focuses on infertility. It's very weird to sit on the sideline and hear others talk about my reality. To hear them name certain things accurately and other things not so much.

Like today someone in our meeting said something about someone who had a kid so they weren't infertile anymore, and so I jumped in with, "Just because they have a kid doesn't mean they're not infertile." It's in these moments I want so bad just to tell my story, but again it's not just my story, it's Marcus story, and Eli & Emerson's story. So the best I can do is offer my experience from a non-personal perspective, and help make sure the reality is honored in a way that is appropriate, respectful, and educational.

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~Jess said...

I'd be having such a hard time biting my tongue in that class. I pretty much just sum it up that we had help and leave it at that.