Monday, April 19, 2010

Job Offer...

I received my very first "real" job offer today!! The job where I've been interviewing called my references and it seems they all had great things to say (which is a little obvious since I can't imagine one would pick people without positive things to share). The offer is pretty generous considering it's my first job, but there are still many many things to consider.

1.) The location of the job (which is still thousands of miles from home) we always envisioned moving back across the country after graduation.
2.) Insurance costs. The job pays for mine but I still need to know how much it will cost me to add the family.
3) Marcus and his job options.

We're discussing, looking at housing options, waiting for more info. from the position, and hoping we can make the right decision for our family.

Aside from the practical things it feels amazing to get a job offer, in my field, before I've even graduated.  Somebody out there thinks I'm ready and qualified (even if I'm not so sure).

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~Jess said...

YAY! Congrats on an offer! It's a great feeling to know someone wants to give you money ;-)

I'm sure the BOSS knows what he's doing.