Saturday, April 10, 2010

11 Months old (2 days late)...

Eli & Emerson are 11 months old!
More failed attempts at getting both of them...

To look at the camera.

Crazy kids...


Eli at 11 months can....
  • Crawl on his hands and knees
  • Pull up to a stand
  • Cruise a few feet along furniture 
  • Still hates cheerios or any food with a texture 
  • Doesn't seem to like naps much anymore (he's too busy standing up in his crib).
  • Loves his dad and cries when Marcus leaves
  • Steals whatever toy his sister is playing with 
  • Plays with his tongue all the time
Emerson at 11 months...
  • Finally really loves her toes and plays with them all the time
  • Can do "So Big" all by herself when prompted
  • Just learned to clap (today)
  • Loves picking little tiny things up
  • Likes to feed herself the purees by using one pointer finger to scoop it up
  • Can sit
  • Loves her brother and gets overly excited every time he sees him
  • Tries to copy the things Eli does
  • Still has stranger anxiety around most people 
  • Has really amazing fine motor skills and will sit and study things for a long time
That's all that I can think of at the moment. It's crazy that in one month they'll already be a year old. 

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