Friday, April 2, 2010

One more for my research...

Remember my quest from a few days ago to explore the question of twins knowing who's older and whether they would be better off not know. (Here's the first post). I mentioned that every twin I knew or met I would ask them the question. So I started today with an older man at my church (who is probably 60 or 70). He's an identical twin and also a surprise for his mom who didn't know she was having twins until the birth when there was an extra baby (OMG I can't imagine that being the case thank goodness for early detection I needed all the preparation I could get).

Anyways, today I posed the question to Dr. Bob (he's a pediatrician) and also Baby B, the younger of the two brothers. According to Dr. Bob occasionally his twin brother would use the older card to insist they do things his way, but overall (at least at this point looking back) Bob has no ill feelings about knowing he was Baby B and that his brother was older by. The few minutes were all completely inconsequential. I realize this is incomplete research since I don't have access to Dr. Bob's twin brother (who is also a doctor) but based on what I've read if there's going to be an issue about the age/minute thing it is usually most present in Baby B, as was the case with my sisters.

So one more case study for my research (Marcus thinks I'm nuts by the way).

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