Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Time For Anything...

Things have been incredibly busy lately, which is par for the course considering it's the end of the semester. Final presentations (I had three last week), final papers (I have 5 still to go), final projects (2 still to go). This upcoming week is our last day of classes, then a week off for prep. then finals week.

After that graduation and a whole lot of unknowns. I'm trying not to dwell to much on all of that. Since my last blog update...

1.) Had a senior reception. Where many of our professors gave us toasts, and we learned that we're entering into a long line of alum, who will now be asked to give money to the school for the rest of our lives. (Which is nothing new my undergrad bothers me for money all the time).

2.) Went out for Chinese food and learned that Chicken Chow Mein is something different than Chicken Lo Mein. I did not know this and ended up ordering both dishes because I ordered Chicken Chow Mein really wanting Chicken Lo Mein. (I feel as though this is something I should have discovered before age 25).

3.) Emerson learned to wave. Her new favorite thing is to do all of her "tricks" in rapid succession. Arms up, so we'll say, "So big" lots of clapping, and then the flapping of her hands to a wave. It's hilarious and she loves the attention.

4.) Went to a meeting in New York about inclusion of the LGBTQ community into the NY Annual Conference, a much needed uplifting experience and a time to be among other like minded, justice oriented people.

5.) Church today with a Steel band. Can I just say that I think church needs to have a steel drum every day. It was awesome.

6.) Was unable to attend my brothers Welcome Home party yesterday in Nevada. After a year long tour in Afghanistan he is thankfully home safe and sound. I wish it would have been possible to get home for it.

7). Getting no sleep. Eli is doing this thing where he wakes up screaming several times a night. It's actually really scary because he's not even fully awake but he's screaming and it takes a really long time to calm him down and get him back in bed. I'm not sure what's going on but I hope this new stage passes quickly.

8.) Have been trying to raise money for our upcoming March of Dimes walk on Sunday. We're a little behind our goal because of everything else that's going on. Only a week until the walk.

I think that's it, back to school work.

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