Friday, April 2, 2010

A Good but busy day, plus I'm losing my mind...

I was so looking forward to today because Marcus didn't have class this morning which makes my day so much calmer and relaxing. Usually on Fridays I also have nothing planned so we can both relax at home. I had this in my mind until I woke up and remembered it was Good Friday, and while I had spent hours planning my church's Good Friday Service I neglected to organize and email the reading parts to the various members involved in the service. (Example #1 of why I'm losing my mind).

So I dragged my tired body out of the bed and into the living room to finish my work. Eli tried to help by standing up next to me and attempting to pound on my keyboard (it's really not much help, but getting at my laptop is among his primary goals in life). I finished the last minute service preparation and in the process also discovered that if I ring a really large bell both Eli and Emerson freeze in place and just stare. (I rang a bell 33 times at the end of the service to symbolize the supposed 33 years of Jesus' life and I brought it home to practice).  It was amazing one minute I had two crazy, active babies, then with the ring of a bell they ceased all movement and just stared it was hysterical. (I need to borrow the bell from the church more often).

I needed to be at the church by 11:00 but I was so exhausted that I decided to take a quick 20 minute nap which just put me completely behind schedule, but it was much needed as I was at a point of not functioning. The service was at 12:00 and it went really well and then I was back home by 2:00. I ate a quick lunch and then headed to the school to meet with a friend to discuss our group project. This project is due on Wed. April 7th. I did not know this until I went to class two days ago and the professor said, "Okay we'll start presentations next week." Panic mode set in immediately. I had zero knowledge of the fact that the project was due so soon, plus I have a job interview set up during class time next wednesday so I'm not even going to be in class (Example #2 of why I'm losing my mind).

After the group meeting my friend and I went to the used bookstore in town for a little bit to browse (and I had self control and only bought two books). Then I came home and decided to take advantage of the weather and go play with the babies outside on the grass.

We were having a great relaxing time playing. I was feeling content that I was done with a busy day when I randomly asked Marcus the time. He picked up his phone and said, "5:10" and at that moment an instant lightbulb went off in my head. I had an appointment at 5:30 with my therapist and it was all the way across town. (Example #3 of why I'm losing my mind). I totally spaced an appointment that I have every week at the same time. And to make things worse I did the exact same thing on Wednesday evening.

I sat down for dinner on Wednesday after finally getting my fussy babies in bed and opened my email which contained a reminder that read, "Remember we're meeting tonight (Wed) at 9pm." I looked at my watch it was 9:07, I yelled out to Marcus, "What day is it? Is it Wednesday?" And like a mad-woman tried to gather my things so I could run to my meeting that I not only forgot but also was now late for. (Example #4 of why I'm losing my mind).

So now I don't trust myself at all and have a little notebook that I have written everything in to. I can no longer trust my memory as it seems to have disappeared completely. So overall a busy day in which I barely remembered the things I needed to do. 

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