Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010...

I think what I love most about blogging is it's a constant reminder of where I've been. I was re-reading my post about easter from two years ago and saw I had written this in my infertility blog about our struggles to get pregnant.
Of course with each holiday Marcus and I always remark, "It would be more fun with kids." We have felt that way these past couple of Christmases and now with Easter. It's hard to think that had we been successful in getting pregnant when we first started trying we could have an 18 month old. It's just one more reminder of what could have been...and what we'll continue to hope for. Maybe by Easter 2010. 
And it appears my prediction of hope was correct because for Easter 2010 we had not one baby but two.
The arrangement of the easter baskets made me so happy, easter with my babies. A nice reminder that despite the frustration, exhaustion and being totally overwhelmed Eli and Emerson are two of the most wanted and loved babies in the entire world. 

I think it hit more with easter than Christmas because I'm in a much better place now in regards to some PPD stuff with the help of my therapist and medication. (But all of that is another post for another day). For now more about easter. 

It's funny because both babies were so transfixed by their baskets. They both just sat still (a miracle for Eli) and looked...
And looked.

Eventually Eli took everything out of his basket, but Emerson just continued to look. After baskets we hurried to get ready for church. With some quick pictures beforehand (which turned out to be a good plan because Emerson had a diaper explosion all over her pretty easter dress at the end of the church).
This is the best we could get. The sun was blinding them and they were distracted by the flowers.

Then Church. Eli went to the nursery again and Emerson stayed with Marcus during the service. Being the only babies at church they get a ton of attention from everyone. Emerson isn't really too pleased with all of it. Then after church we went home to take naps before our Easter picnic in the park.

Eli loves being outside and wanted to go everywhere. He was frustrated that we wouldn't let him play in the mud and put little sticks in his mouth.

 Emerson in her second outfit of the day.
Emerson and her Godparent Delfin. Emerson adores Delfin and he is the only person aside from me and Marcus the Emerson willingly goes to. 

Playing in the Park

Happy Easter 2010! 


Stacie said...

Love the family photo at the end. They are getting so big. Time just flies...

Glad you had a nice Easter!

~Jess said...

They are so adorable :-D You guys all look so great! I don't think those babies are loved enough, what with all those other people besides you guys who love them ;-)

Yea, Matt and I say, that if things went according to plan our oldest would be 3, the second would be 1 and I'd be pregnant with the 3rd by now. C'est la vie...