Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eli loves his Dada...

Lately Eli has become really attached to Marcus. He says Dada all the time. He looks for Marcus when he's not the in the room, and all day long he looks at the door and then asks, "Dada?" The saddest/cutest thing is when Marcus leaves for work or school. Eli frantically scoots over to the door (as close as he can get). Then pulls himself up into a stand and starts yelling DADA, DADA and then he looks back at me and starts crying when Marcus closes the door. Luckily his sadness about Marcus' departure is short lived but for the rest of the day anytime anyone comes through the door, (whether it's me returning from class, or friends coming to baby-sit) Eli looks expectantly and says Dada. Only to be disappointed when it's not.
Standing, watching and looking right after his "dada" went to class. 

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