Friday, April 2, 2010

Overheard on the baby monitor...

Marcus talking to Emmy: Good morning Emmy! Why are you so serious? It's Good Friday.... I guess it is kind of a serious day.

(Prior to this conversation with Emerson, Marcus brought Eli into the bedroom to tell me Happy Good Friday. Then Marcus asked me, "What happens on Good Friday." To which responded, "Jesus dies." Marcus looked slightly horrified and then said, "That's not good at all." haha)

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~Jess said...

Tell him not to feel bad lol I think a lot of people wish others "Happy Good Friday!"

I know last year at work the PITA went around wishing everyone a Happy Good Friday...I looked at him and asked him if he knew what GF was...a blank stare..."The day Jesus was crucified". He was pretty pissed at me and stormed out of the office.


I can't wait to meet you guys next month!