Sunday, April 25, 2010

March of Dimes Walk 2010...

It rained like crazy this morning but we decided to brave the weather for a little bit anyways to go to the March of Dimes walk. Even though we didn't really get to walk, we got to turn in the funds we raised, talk to others (including a couple who have boy/girl twins also born at 32 weeks). Listen to some stories of ambassador families, see some of the nurses from the hospital and NICU where the babies stayed. Eli and Emerson also seemed to love all the music and excitement and they were both just over the top excited basically jumping out of the stroller and our arms.

One of the most humbling aspects of the walk each year are the shirts and teams that are walking in memory of their precious babies lost due to prematurity. It's a reminder of just how luck we are when we look at Eli & Emerson and how well they are doing. I know that this is a cause that will be part of our family for a very long time. It's so important to Marcus and I, and is another part of our long difficult journey to parenthood. 
Early in the morning. Not totally aware of what's going on yet.

Marcus with the babies.

A Family Picture. Before the start of the walk.
Our team shirt (Wet from the rain)

Eli excited by all the activity.
Another family picture.

Back at home. Showing off their shirts.

Emerson & Eli post walk.

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