Thursday, April 29, 2010

A new approach to nap time...

Eli has recently decided that napping in his crib is among the most offensive things I can do to him. If I lay him down and cover him up he immediately throws a fit and starts screaming. It doesn't seem to matter how tired he is. So my new strategy is to sit him up in his crib with a few toys so he thinks it's play time. Then after awhile he literally seems to drop in place and go to sleep. He often ends up in some incredibly bizarre positions but so far it seems to be working. Apparently he just wants to assert some independence and nap when he decides and not when I lay him down. Whatever works for the boy at this point is fine with me.
(P.S. his dad dressed him in this outfit). It's among one of my favorite things to see the outfits Marcus puts together. The other day Emerson had on jeans that were way to small for her and t-shirt that was a little tight so her little belly was hanging out. On this particular day matching didn't seem to be a priority. The shirt has a snowman and pants are brown with an orange string (with a matching shirt I might add hanging in the closet). It cracks me up. The background to this is Marcus can't ever tell if his own clothes match he asks me every single day before going to work if everything matches. 

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~Jess said...

How dare you mom think you should have some say as to when he takes a nap?! ;-) They are crazy sometimes aren't they.

I'm sending you an email about Saturday :-)