Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A really awful night...

We had one of the worst nights we've had in a long time. Both babies went to bed at 7 without an issue and all was well until midnight when Eli woke up whining in his crib. Since he wasn't full out crying we didn't get him in hopes that he would go back to sleep. He didn't, the whining turned to crying, and then Emerson decided to join the party and she woke up screaming hysterically and wouldn't calm down.

After awhile we calmed them and they fell asleep in our arms and we attempted to put them back in their cribs. Then it started all over again. Finally around 2am I put Emerson in the swing because she was so exhausted but every-time I put her in the crib she screamed.

The weirdest and somewhat scariest part of the whole evening is when I woke up on the couch at 4 am with a baby in my arms. I had no idea which baby it was (turns out I had Eli), and I had no memory of how Eli and I ended up on the couch, and I was so disoriented as I laid there trying to remember what had happened.

Since my arm was asleep from the weight of Eli I slowly tried to get up and put him in his crib. Which didn't work and instead turned into another screaming fit. So I removed Emerson from the swing, put her back in the crib, and put Eli into the swing. Then I crawled into my own bed and asked Marcus how the heck I ended up asleep with Eli on the couch.

According to Marcus, Eli woke up at 2 and I was already asleep on the couch (where I had been since putting Emerson in the swing) and when Marcus came into the living room apparently I put my arms out for Eli, and then Eli & I promptly fell asleep together on the couch until I woke up 2 hours later. I have no memory of any of this which is incredibly creepy and I'm glad Eli didn't end up falling off the couch or something since I literally had no idea that he was there with me.

Now this morning both babies are happy as clams as though nothing happened, and Marcus and I can barely function. Fun times.


~Jess said...

Oh my....those are the scariest moments when you don't remember. There are nights that I honestly can't remember how many times I get up with A, in the morning I never know if it was a good night or a bad night.

Hopefully tonight will be perfect!

Little Wonders said...

Sorry, I can't remember ... where are E&E at with teething? Amaya has just been cutting her first tooth in the last 2 weeks and we've had some horrendous nights, too - even with Liana, who isn't showing signs of a tooth yet. Hope it was just a fluke and you're all sleeping better.