Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stupid Snow...

The Nor'eastern they call Barbara (I still find it so strange that they name snow storms on the east coast) has not been very kind to our travel plans, and for the past two days I have been woken at 6:00 am by airlines informing me that my flights have been cancelled.

My sister is getting married on Saturday in Nevada and we booked our flight long before we knew about Barbara. Tuesday morning we got a call that our flights for Wednesday were cancelled. We expected that and immediately called the airline to reschedule (and after over an hour on hold) they had nothing to offer us until Monday. Meaning we would miss the wedding.

So we frantically searched for flights on another airline which were all crazy expensive and disappearing as soon as we clicked on them. We bought our second set of tickets for Thursday only to wake up this morning to another phone call that those flights were cancelled too.

So back on the phone with the airline. This time we had the nicest woman who spent over an hour trying to figure out a way to get us to the wedding. The flight plan is way less than ideal and includes an overnight stop in North Carolina but desperate times call for desperate measures. She went to the extra effort of helping us find hotels in the area.

So baring any other strange issues we should arrive in Nevada friday evening just in time for the wedding. Wish us luck because this is going to be an exhausting travel experience.

In other snow news we took the babies outside briefly when there was a brief interlude in the snow. Eli had never been in the snow and we wanted to see if he would react better than Emerson and her first snow experience when she glared and screamed her head off.

Emerson did a little better. While not thrilled she didn't cry.
Making snow angels. 

And in usual Eli fashion he loved every second of the snow. He laughed and smiled...
And attempted to do his backbends in the snow.

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~Jess said...

I hope you guys are able to make it: I'll be saying lots of prayers that it's EXTREMELY uneventful traveling.

Eli is too funny!

I just realized that you and my sister have the same hat lol :-)