Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random thoughts...

*Both babies have runny noses, I'm trying to remain calm.

*I think Eli is teething a lot these days, but what do I know? Emerson had two teeth one day and we never noticed anything prior to that.

*Emerson did much better with her baby-sitters today. The second time I left for class she didn't cry at all.

*I still hate solids and so does Eli, Emerson still loves them and the bigger the mess the better. She started crying today when I wiped her high chair because she has fun playing in the food.

*Emerson in laying in bed awake..."talking" to herself. She talks a lot these days.

*We're having tacos for dinner I'd really rather have soup.

*My body hurts I think it's a fibro. flare up. Awesome.

*I need to go to NJ to do some research but I have no time.

*I need to apply for jobs, but I also have no time to do that.

*We're leaving to go back to Nevada next week for my sisters wedding and I still haven't unpacked my bag from our last trip (shhhh... don't tell anyone. Everyone elses bags are unpacked).

*I'm over living in an apartment, especially on the second floor.

*I'm reading a book for fun instead of the hundreds of pages I need to read for class.

*When I walk in the door after class Emerson always puts her arms up and reaches for me, then she gives me a tight squeeze each time like she's hugging me. I love this about her. I love that she knows that I'm her mom.

*I'm tired of being tired.

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