Monday, February 15, 2010

It's snowing in Pittsburgh...

and I praying, hoping, wishing, crossing my fingers that we do not get stuck here for the night. We're so close to being home and after the ridiculousness of a cross-country weekend trip with two 9 months old that included 7 different airports and two hotel rooms I just need to be home. I'm glad we made the effort, I wanted to be there for my sisters wedding, and we made it and it was beautiful and she was so excited we made it, but I'm over this flying thing. No more snow, no more airports, no more hotel rooms, and no more conversations with strangers about twins.  

Just in case you were wondering when flying across the country with twins one may encounter: 

1.) One man who has a twin sister and also younger siblings who are also b/g twins, plus an extra surprise 5th baby even though his dad was suppose to have had the big V. 

2.) A man sitting next to me on the plane with two year old twin boys who was incredibly kind when Eli was kicking and yelling at him for some attention. 

3.) A man in North Carolina with 26 year old twin boys. 

4.) A woman at Chili's in Phoenix who has a twin sister, and is the mother of two kids who are 18 months apart. She thinks that I have it easier, I think she's nuts, but I just smiled and nodded and said okay. 

5.) Another man a Chili's who is the father of 17 year old twin boys who were sitting at the table with him. I got to see photos of the boys when they were 2 and then their recent 17 year old pictures. Not sure what to say when looking at photos of two 17 year old boys. Saying, "how cute" seems inappropriate so I just smiled and nodded while he kept on talking. 

6.) A man in Denver who has 21 year old b/g twins and an extra "accident" baby 18 months younger (the word "accident" is his not mine). 

People tend to over share and talk to us when we're out with the babies. Being in busy airports we got more comments than usual. 

And in addition to all the twin friends we encountered we also got the random questions from people about how we tell them apart. One women suggested that maybe I had put different colored socks on them as a means of identification. I gently informed her that they look nothing alike and weren't even the same sex. 

Fun times. Please let us get home soon.

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~Jess said...

Hoping you guys are home already :-)