Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Emerson's first solo PT...

In december at their six month physical therapy review it was decided that because Emerson wasn't even meeting her adjusted goals she would start having PT twice a month and Eli would stay with just once a month.

Last Friday was her first solo PT appointment and the first part of it worked out great because Eli was sleeping and I was able to devote my entire attention to Emerson and the exercises that she needed to work on. It's such a rare treat to be able to give them one-on-one attention. This was also useful because Emerson is still having a hard time with anyone other than me and Marcus, so I was holding her a lot and going through the exercises at the direction of the PT.

Eli woke up about half-way through and he didn't know that it was just for Emerson so he set off doing every single thing he knows how to do. He's such a funny little show off. He would make noise trying to get the PT's attention and then when she would look he would smile and do a push-up or backbend or some other crazy trick that he's doing these days.

Eli was also useful because when Emerson was freaking out and wouldn't calm down the PT used Eli as a model to demostrate the different exercises that we need to work with Emerson on. He was thrilled with this position and did everything perfectly and in perfect form. (He's a little showboat).

After the PT left Emerson calmed down enough and we did some of the tummy time together.
Please excuse my awkwardness (The PT has much longer legs and did this with much more ease and comfort).

Working hard on her neck muscles.

She's looking up high because she caught sight of her dad who is her favorite person in the whole world.

And then she got tired and decided she would lick the ball instead.

When the physical therapist isn't present she seems to enjoy the exercises on the ball (and Eli loves them too). 

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~Jess said...

Tummy time on that ball looks like fun to me :-)

Emerson's smile is just absolutely she knows she's playing everyone for a fool.

Eli's too cute with his gymnastics.