Thursday, February 11, 2010

Off to the West Coast... by way of North Carolina...

The first stage of our trip went incredibly smoothy. We got to the airport early expecting it to be a madhouse due to all the cancelled flights from the day before, but it was surprisingly empty. Both babies have been delightful moods all day, especially Emerson and neither baby has cried since we left our apartment at 3:30 (it's now almost midnight).

While waiting for our flight Eli got a little restless and attempted to escape from his car seat where we had set him so we could make a bottle. And he tried to get the attention of anyone near us so he could show them something. We also met a man who had a twin sister and then also had another set of twin siblings four years younger than he and his sister. I so pray that two sets of twins is never my reality. God bless that guys mother. 
On the flight we held the babies on our lap and I have to say given any kind of an option I would much rather they have seats. They both did amazing but they are heavy after awhile and it's really awkward to try and make bottles and move in a small airplane seat with a kid in my arms. Marcus was also stuck in a middle seat which is not ideal in even the best of circumstances but is even worse with a wiggly baby in his arm. 

After landing we got our hospitality coupon for a discounted rate on a room (since the airline is the cause of our need for an overnight stay and the shuttle picked us up). Both babies slept briefly on the plane but for the remainder they were both wide eyed taking everything in. 

The funniest thing is when we finally got into our room, both babies just went nuts. It reminded me of when I was younger with my 5 siblings. Whenever we stayed in a hotel we thought it was the greatest adventure ever and we all got hyped up, wanted to jump on the bed, didn't want to sleep, and basically all six of us went crazy. 

I had no idea this behavior manifested itself in infants. When we laid Eli and Emerson in the hotel bed they just went nuts. Laughing, clapping, Eli doing his backbends. It was hysterical and unlike anything either of them have ever done before. They should have been exhausted since it was 10:30 and way past bedtime but they didn't act like it at all.

They're just nuts.

They did eventually calm down and as I type they're both sleeping peacefully. 

Hopefully part II and III of this trip tomorrow will go as well. Especially since we have to get up in 4 hours and do everything again on a longer 5 hour flight. 

(And it's still so strange that we're making a random pit stop in North Carolina in order to get to Nevada. I almost feel like I'm in the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles). 

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~Jess said...

I hope the rest of the trip is going uneventfully :-)