Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A very, very, very bad night...

The night started off promising the babies went to bed semi-okay and Marcus and I, exhausted, went to bed at 8:00. It was all down hill from there. Not to long after finally getting Emerson asleep in her crib she woke up crying. So Marcus got up and rocked her, tried to feed her a little more, laid her down, then more screaming. Repeat this cycle all night long. At 10 I got up and took her from Marcus so Marcus could lay down and after trying all of my tricks to get her to sleep in her crib I gave up and brought her to bed with me. Which I hate doing but my exhaustion was winning out. She did finally fall asleep in bed with us but I can't sleep with her in there with me because I'm too paranoid so after a few hours of listening to her sleep next to me Marcus picked her up and tried laying her down into her crib.

As soon a she was in the crib she woke up and starting screaming. So I was up once again and took her into the living room where I sat and rocked her and then eventually put her in the swing. Then I slept on the couch so I could hear her if she needed something. Marcus got up at 7 and came into the living room and sent me back to the bed. The entire night was a nightmare. I don't know what her sudden aversion is to her crib but she really needs to get over it and get over it quickly. I cannot function on the amount of sleep I've been getting (hence the desire to go to bed at 8 last night).

I am so hoping tonight goes better. (Marcus and I both skipped class today because neither of us is functioning very well today).

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~Jess said...

I hope tonight goes better too...I'll be praying that it does.