Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emerson and the Snow...

It started snowing the other day so we decided it was time for Emerson to check out some snow (Eli was sleeping off his Ear infection so no snow for him). She wasn't very impressed.

Her Uncle Dustin jumped in this picture

Her infamous glare. She does this often when she wakes up, takes a bath, and apparently also when she's outside in the snow. She's a funny girl.

Trying to get a smile out of her. She wasn't budging.

And she didn't want to make snow angels. She was pretty upset with me. So thus far I think Emerson might be more of a warm weather baby.

Hopefully it'll snow again once Eli is feeling better and he can check it out.


~Jess said...

That picture of her yowling is absolutely priceless!

I think she just might be a supermodel...she has the look down pat.

Rachel said...

cute! And oh my word that last picture is PRICELESS!!!!!!!b