Friday, February 26, 2010

Why I have the most amazing friends...

I am so very blessed with such an amazing group of friends. They truly have become my family over here and I literally could not do all that I do without their help.

Today I had a couple of friends over for a study group (these two friends also baby-sit on a regular basis) and when Emerson saw them she immediately started crying and put her arms up so I would pick her up. She thought their appearance meant I was going to leave crazy kid. Once she realized I was staying she played in her high chair  and played with a piece of paper, smiling, to help us study.

Anyways that was a random side note, back on topic, but one of these friends turned to me and asked, "When we're baby-sitting and the babies are napping what else can we do to help? Do you want us to do dishes or clean or something?"

I was slightly astounded and then I laughed and assured her that her willingness to baby-sit twins for free (one of which screams the entire time because she has separation anxiety) is more than enough. The list I left for her was, read, watch tv, do your homework or take a nap and thank the lord that they're both sleeping that's what I do.

I also got a text last night from another friend who asked, "What are you doing March 15th? Can you get away?" Apparently, as a surprise to me she bought tickets and she's taking me to a Carrie Underwood concert. We share a love of country music (a rarity in these parts) and we've been talking about going to concert for the past three years.

I really love my friends. They keep me sane in the midst of my exhaustion and chaos so very blessed.

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~Jess said...

Definitely sounds like some amazing friends to me :-)