Sunday, February 21, 2010

I had kind of an awkward day today...

which shouldn't be a huge surprise because awkwardness seems to follow me. It started this morning when I was running late for church (yet again) and ran out to go to the parking lot to get our car.

In order to reach the car there's a slight dirt incline leading up to the parking lot. Normally it's no big deal to climb up this incline and save time instead of having to walk all the way around. The thing is it snowed last week, and then the sun came out, and now that once solid patch of dirt, it a huge slippery, slope, of mud.

This was quickly apparent as I stepped on the dirt/mud, but instead of retreating I decided it would be a better idea to continue to fight the mud, in my church clothes, with my bag/books, and keys in hand. I'm a thinker. I slipped over and over and over and eventually ended up bear crawling up the side of the muddy hill on my feet and hands, desperately trying to get traction, maintain a little bit of composure and not fall all the way into the mud. I felt like I was a cartoon characters my feet where moving fast but I was getting no where, mud was flying behind me, as I just sunk deeper and deeper.

Mud covered my shoes, hands, and keys and filled my bag and covered my book. Then not thinking I stuck muddy keys into my car door (which isn't a good idea) and still not learning once I got back down to my building I stuck muddy keys into our buildings door which then filled the key hole with mud, preventing the key from turning.

 This is what I get for trying to save two minutes by going up the mud instead of just walking around. Note to self with there's mud don't fight it, just turn around and give up. I am so hoping nobody witnessed my ridiculous display as I attempted to crawl up a two foot hill of mud.

Marcus contribution was to laugh, as I returned from the parking lot a muddy mess and say, "I told you to just go around." Yes, yes you did. Maybe next time I'll listen.

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~Jess said...

Oh my....sounds like something I would do lol