Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 months (I'm only 12 days late)...

Eli and Emerson are 9 months old (As of 2/8) but we've been busy so I haven't had a chance to write about it. Plus they just had their 9 month appointment on thursday. My babies are getting big,

Eli- 19lbs
Emerson 17lbs 4oz

Everything looked good at their appointment. Their pedi is satisfied with their progress and I love that she always keeps their prematurity in mind when talking about what they're doing/should be doing. She did mention that she would like Eli to be evaluated with an OT for his continued resistance to any kind of solids. She also laughed at how different the two of them are.

Emerson clung to me the entire time and Eli was grabbing at the doctors stethoscope and jumping around. When she was examining him he started laughing because it tickled, and she too finds his backbends hilarious and unusual.

Getting a picture of the two of them...

Is getting to be a little bit....



They both really love Marcus' stethoscope. It was no wonder Eli tried to steal the doctors.

Eli at 9 months:
  • Can sit unassisted for 5-10 min.
  • Gets on his knees and rocks (hasn't figured out where to go yet)
  • Has on tiny tooth that just poked through his gums
  • Hates solids
  • Loves his bottles
  • Loves people and attention
  • Backbends are getting bigger and higher, we're pretty sure he's going to break his neck
  • Loves to jump over and over 
  • Babbles and says dadadadad but there's no association 
  • Yells to get peoples attention so he can smile and clap for them
Emerson at 9 months:
  • Can finally roll onto her tummy (although it's really awkward looking)
  • Is having some a lot of stranger anxiety 
  • Loves to study pretty much anything (Tags are still among her favorite)
  • Will eat solids
  • babbles and says dadadadadd (no association for her either)
  • Loves to be held and holds up her arms so we'll pick her up
  • Gives us hugs every time we pick her up
  • Will smile at people as long as they don't talk to her. 
  • Require alone time and quiet time. 

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~Jess said...

Happy 9 months guys!

I love the pictures of them....they're just EVERYWHERE :-)