Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some days I feel like a superwoman...

today was one of those days. I successfully got myself and both babies dressed, fed, bathed and ready to leave the house by 10:00 am and I did it all by myself. Plus I carried them both down our flights of stairs, a baby under each arm (literally), all the while praying that Eli wouldn't take that moment to launch himself out by doing his weird backbend, jumping, push-up routine. Luckily he contained himself.

I then awkwardly got the babies out from under my arms into their stroller and didn't drop either of them (huge relief). Made it out the door, (barely thank goodness for a kind man who saw my ridiculousness and jogged over to hold the door for me) up the hill, and into my school.

And then I was exhausted, out of breath, and sweating and wanted to go home and sleep...

But I pushed on and the three of us made it upstairs to the chapel so we could hear my good friend D preach (Emerson's godparent). I then successfully handled both babies during the service, and they were amazingly adorable, making cute baby noises during the moment of silence (which a professor of mine later told me was her favorite moment). And Eli is now famous as he assisted D with the benediction, Eli does love being the center of attention.

Yes today I am a superwoman... out of the house and back. (Which to many may not seem like much, but to me it really is).

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~Jess said...


I think everything you do, every day is superwoman-esque!