Monday, March 19, 2012

What we've been up too...

Not a whole lot.

~Eli and Emerson both took turns turning up the microphone in the church on sunday. Resulting in a horrific noise. It was not very awesome.

~Marcus and I have both been working out consistently. I've had to take a break from running due to some knee and feet issues, but in place I've been walking, doing Zumba, and the shred. Marcus has lost 10 lbs since we started lucky guy. I want to lose 10 lbs then I would be good to go.

~Eli and Emmy only want to want Curious George. The just call him Monkey and "lello hat man" so that's what we watch a lot.

~ The both put is at the end of their sentences. For example, "Where my glasses is." "Where my blanket is." I find it interesting that their speech patterns are pretty much always the same. Perhaps they pick them up from each other.

~I think they're bored. I'm trying to be better about engaging in different activities with them each day. Recently Emerson has been really into the basketball hoop. She tries to dribble the ball then says, "I shoot some hoops". Maybe it's March Madness wearing off on her.

~Marcus still hates his job, is still always looking for something better, and has applied for a physical therapy program in the fall. We are both praying he gets in. Job prospects with this additional degree would be way more favorable.

~Eli asks to go to bed each night. He gets so tired and since they don't nap, around 7 each night he says, "lay down." And he's usually asleep within minutes of going to bed. Emerson on the other hand seems to require no sleep at all ever. It's interesting trying to balance these different needs.

~ On St. Patrick's Day I told Eli and Emmy to pinch Marcus because he wasn't wearing green. Emerson walked up to him and punched him in the stomach. Haha oops apparently punch and pinch sound alike to Emerson.

~ I've been trying to work some spanish into the conversation with Eli and Emmy. Today I kept asking them to go get their zapatos. At one point Eli asked, "Where my zapatos is mama" as he was looking for his shoes so he could go outside. I was happy to hear him use the word correctly. I have no idea how to actually try and teach them some spanish though.

We are surrounded by orchards. They've been blooming with flowers it's beautiful. I saw this on a run, it was raining and there was a huge rainbow framing the orchard. I ran home as quick as I could for the camera, but missed the rainbow. 

I think that's about it. The exciting life we lead.

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