Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Small town living...

One of the things I can't quite get used to about living in a small town is that nothing you do is anonymous. Yesterday, when we were at the park we saw several people from our church. We even spent about 30 minutes talking to one of them.

Then again today Marcus and I decided to take Eli and Emmy on a walk around town. We once again ran into 2 members of our church and stopped to talk to one again for about 30 minutes. It the bigger cities where we've lived this wouldn't be an issue.

But not here. I can't decide what I think about that. On the one hand I like that I can walk everywhere we need to go (there's literally nothing in town that requires driving a car), on the other hand sometimes it's nice just to be a little bit anonymous.

It was another beautiful spring day here though, and another good day for Eli and Emerson I think the ability to be outside just makes them happier kids.


Sarah M. said...

We recently moved to a small town too (although sounds like it is slightly bigger than yours - ours is 5k people and about 1.5 miles across, ha) and I know what you mean about finding the loss of anonymity hard to get used to. It's not necessarily bad, just...different. Although I miss the anonymity sometimes...and I'm not even a pastor :)

~Jess said...

I hear ya on the anonymity thing...boy! I would certainly love some around here.